Hi, I am Cenk.

I teach professionals, Corporate employees and entrepreneurs how to start, grow and scale their own consulting, coaching or training business profitably using their own experience and passion, with an action oriented process.


Your Exit Plan to Financial Freedom

If you want to start your own consulting, coaching, training, authoring or lecturing business in 60 days, while still working and without risking your steady income, you may be interested in "Start a Business" Program.


Cenk's commercial savviness and mentorship to Entrepreneurs have made him a go-to source for Professionals and Educators wanting to start their own business.

Cenk is the ex-CFO and Board VP for many of the PepsiCo subsidiaries. As a CPA and with his 25+ years of professional career, he has been one of the most wanted commercial CFOs not just managing finance but also IT / BIS teams.

He now has two successful businesses (after two that failed) and is ready to show you the path to Financial Freedom with his online Programs.

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