It all started with a decision...

Before I had my own business...

I was the the CFO and Board Member of PepsiCo subsidiaries. After 25 years of successful Corporate Career, it all hit me one day - I had to have my own thing, be my own boss.

Whether you have 3 or 30 years of experience, we may have similar aspirations about having our own consulting, coaching or training business.

Hi, I am Cenk,

Mine is a story of the many... With soft drinks, snacks, banks, auditors and 12 hours work days, daily commutes to office, performance reviews, promotion expectations...

I had many people to please in my Corporate World- but not myself!

All done to have a living, to provide for my family and secure a good retirement. I admit, it was also full of fun, satisfaction and pride...

I don't regret a single day, thanks to the great people that I worked with (and the lucrative pay-check). I know that not everyone is as lucky as I was.

But all my eggs were in a single basket - my Corporate Career.  My exit plan was my pension plan. I was completely dependent on corporate employment.

There had to be another way where there is more balance for me and my family.

With these thoughts and before starting two successful businesses, I made the biggest mistake of my life.. 

I quit my job to start the wrong business! 

You can read more of Corporate me in Linkedin.


To risk it or Not? That is the question!

Everyone has a different case and in mine, I had the savings to quit my job and invest in my new "to-be" business. After all, I was "the CFO" with a great business plan, what could ever go wrong? This was the biggest mistake ever!

I took me 18 months, loads of wasted cash (and some self-realization to digest my ego) until I realized that my 1st business was wrong for me and also wrong as a business model. 

Now, I know how to test and validate a business idea in less than 1 month and without risking my day job.

Coming from the corporate world of PepsiCo, I also believed in renting an office, hiring full-time people and creating my own systems. Why didn't I see the new digital world and the trends!

After spending a fortune, I learnt how to find the low cost, outsourced talent as my team, operate without an office and have pay-as-you-grow SAAS platforms as my systems.

I learnt the ways to make it low cost and low risk!

If There is Will,

There is Always a Way


Starting my business without the Corporate resources around me was a great challenge.

When I say "Starting a Business", I don't mean just selling my time as a freelancer, I mean starting a business that is scalable and sustainable, not dependent on my available hours to sell.

I had to learn new skills, reach out to new resources and find the right partners.

After months lost with wrong choices, trial and errors, many frustrations, I found the right partners and resources.

I can now automate my work and outsource my infrastructure.

I am free and found the balance in my life.

Are you ready to start your own business in consulting, coaching, training or authoring?

And are you ready to start it without quitting your job, losing your steady income or making big investments?

I found my passion, what I am good at and it is what I practiced myself.

My business is to teach you how to start, grow and scale your own business with as low risk as possible.

Because you are reading this, I know that you want to:

  1. Create your own exit plan from corporate dependency to financial freedom.
  2. Have balance and control of your life.
  3. Make the right investment to make it happen.

I would then recommend you to check my online course "Start a Business | While Still Working"


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